Friday, February 27, 2009

The Song of the Journey ( Invited Contributions from Friends)

(Photograph Courtesy and Copyright

The Song of the Journey

- Sutanu Bhattacharya.

What is the meaning of life

If it all just ends in death

What is meaning of life

That ends in a finite breath

It’s the journey that gives it meaning

The awakening at each dawn

The people places and memories

The emotions and the songs

The love and hate felt on the way

Hope, despair, virtue and sin

In the end only happy are they

Who await a new journey to begin

The glorious note of music

The brush’s stroke sublime

The nobility of human love

And all that is divine

Speak to us of the souls

In patterns we daily see

Of those who went with grace and honor

To their newest destiny


A Friends Response
- Bappa Dasgupta

As I read your poems
Rare though they be,
Each has slowly borne a growing tear
As the depth of your wisdom unfurls,
From the Start to The End

Edited and Scripted by Gautam Sengupta.
Script Copyright Dragnetkgp Yahoogroups.


At 19:07, Blogger khushi said...


At 22:30, Blogger gautam said...

Hello Khushi,

My friends Sutanu and Bappa the invited authors of "The Song of the Journey" and its followup, sends their thanks for your nice words.

With warm wishes


At 05:03, Blogger mohitparikh said...

nice work!
i hv my reservation on these lines:
"In the end only happy are they

Who await a new journey to begin"

At 08:02, Blogger gautam said...

Hello Mohit,

My friends send their thanks for ur appreciation and comments. I will ask them about the line you mention. Possibly it means that they are happy who take joy in the journey and not reaching a destination. So in some sense it speaks of
letting go of attachments. Bye.

Warm wishes



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